World records – 5 km, Europe – 1500 m, Africa – 1000 m. What happened in Monaco 2020?

The big real athletics is back with a festive fireworks – the 2020 Diamond League in Monaco. World record for 5000 – multiple world champion Joshua Cheptegey broke the record of the great Ken Bekele 12: 35.36 !!! Bekele’s record has been standing since 2004, 12: 37.35.

A fantastically flat running schedule with minimal help from pacemakers: 400 m each, after the first 200 m – 60.70, 61.70, 60.64, 60.41, 61.25, 60.91, 60.03, 60.10 , 60.18, 60.33, 59.97 and 59.64.

19-year-old three-time adult European champion Jakob Ingebrigtzen set the adult European record for 1500m – 3: 28.68 !!! Jacob broke Mo Farah’s record. World champion Cheruyot barely lost his legs from the 19-year-old – 3: 28.45. Third place, Jack Whiteman – 3: 29.47, faster than the great Coe, Ovett and Crem.

Women’s 1000m race, only 17 hundredths was not enough to reach the world record of Svetlana Masterkova Olympic champion in 1500m race Face Kipiegon – 2: 29.15 vs 2: 28.98. This is an African record. Laura Muir set UK record 2: 30.82.

The European sprint rising star Ayla Del Ponte won the women’s 100m race – 11.16

Women’s 5000m – World’s Best Time 2020 World Champion Helen Obiri – 14:22.12, Laura Waitman’s second ever British record – 14:35.44 and Oceania’s record for Jessica Hull – 14:43.80

And another 6 meters in the pole Mondo Duplantis and the victory in the female height of Ukrainian Yaroslava Maguchikh – 1.98.

What happened in Monaco? Where did such a salute of records come from at the very first big start of the “incredible” season of athletics 2020? To answer these questions clear, you can read the article from the Parimatch blog

There are several factors.

First, this is the Olympic season and long-term planning went to a long-term peak precisely in August 2020.

Second, the cancellation of starts allowed us to make an unprecedentedly long preparatory and thorough pre-competition preparation periods. Professionals have to compete now from May to September, make intermediate picks at qualifying starts, etc. Now everyone has invested in August and September.

Third, quarantine forced everyone to limit their activity outside of sports as much as possible. Minimal travel, maximum focus on sports. As Dutch coach Cheptegea said: “I don’t think I will ever be able to be with Joshua for 4 months in a row, but he will sit in one place and devote all his time to running and recovering. He usually drives his car all the time.”

The fourth, new generation of studs with integrated carbon plates. And this applies not only to Nike athletes, but also to New Balance runners. They also have super spikes with a very high energy return. And Puma has also released new top quality sprint models.

Jack Whiteman – New Balance,

Isla Del Ponte – Puma.

Estimate the increase due to technological (permitted) doping very difficult. But there certainly is, and Cheptegey would definitely not have broken Bekele’s record without the help of the latest spikes, I’m sure.

Another interesting point, quarantine proved once again how little is actually needed for training in running, even at the highest level. Cheptegay trained for almost a month in a circle of about 400 meters on his site when strict quarantine was introduced in Uganda. And then I did almost all the quick work on an uneven dirt school stadium 415 meters long, with a drop of 2 meters at each lap. Joshua managed to do only a couple of works at the only stadium with a modern surface in Uganda.

And the Ingebrigtzen brothers spent the whole winter in Norway, training on treadmills, without high-altitude fees – like everything they had in the beginning. And only the last couple of weeks have managed to break out to their beloved St. Moritz.

The same applies to the British and British, only without the treadmill.

All running and health!

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