IAAF (WA) will still ban Nike% cheating marathons and the like.

The ubiquitous British journalists have found out that the IAAF – World Athletics working group has already completed its study of marathons such as the Vaporfly, Next% and AlfaFly and delivered the verdict – BAN! and a steeply curved carbon plate hidden inside that acts as a stabilizer and a spring.

I explain everything at the level of school physics, how it works. Running is jumping, as we all remember. On landing, the runner has a lot of kinetic energy. This energy is created not only by the runner himself, as many think, but also by the gravity of the Earth. If you create an elastic material and still insert a spring into the slippers in any form, then this kinetic energy will be transformed into the elastic energy of the material and the spring, and then, being released, will help the runner in his next jump. Moreover, this additive can be very significant, here you must already know the characteristics of the materials. This is already a sopromat.

It was the massive use of such cheating marathons that led to a significant shift in the results of the upper layer of marathons, which even influenced the average level of the entire marathon movement, for the first time the average result of marathons in Strava went below 4 hours!

This is no longer running, as such, not new coaching methods, not dedication in training, not proper nutrition, etc. These are just new technologies that have nothing to do with sports and deprive running of all its uniqueness: full continuity and continuity of generations. Indeed, even now the results of, say, Peter Snell, who ran in heavy spikes on the grass and cinder paths are quite comparable with modern results. Why, Snell, even to achieve the results of Vladimir Kuts, Emil Zatopek, Ron Clarke need to work very hard and they are available to few.

The rapid development of such shoes will erase all achievements in the history of running and create the illusion of a breakthrough in running, which, in fact, does not exist.

And these technologies have already penetrated into the stadium. Cheating spikes like this have already been tested at the 2019 Doha World Cup.

Here’s how Sifan Hassan jumped to her two in them unique victories at distant distances of 1500 m and 10000 m:

But these are flowers, this is what is being tested:

And in such spikes you can already beat the world records of Ussein Bolt and Van Niekerk, being athletes far below the class than these outstanding runners.

And it turned out that Brigit Cosgey broke Paula Radcliffe’s historic record in modified Next%, and not in those that are sold to the masses. There is something else hidden inside, hidden from the eyes of an outside observer.

Eliud Kipchoge has already stated that he disagrees and all these slippers are “fair play”. Well, old Kipchoge believes that running after a million pacemakers and other tricks is a norm and a historical breakthrough. Following the link for a detailed analysis of what is behind the 2-hour marathon, I will note that this article was written BEFORE the “historical race”.

But what to do with world records already set in such shoes? In principle, all this is a gross violation of even the current rules, where it is said that shoes “should not give an unfair advantage.” You need to reset everything imo.

There are strict restrictions on jump spikes: sole thickness, number of spikes, etc. Running spikes and marathons should also regulate.

Running is not Formula 1, skiing or cycling, although there are also strict rules for the crew and cars everywhere. Sports don’t have to be about technology.

Sport is about human capabilities, not the cunning of engineers and the money invested in development.

P.S. The world record for 10 km road race, set in Adidas, thin and without carbon, is another topic, this is already a question of the weakness of doping control on road runs and Kenyan sports culture – this is my assessment. This will affect all brands, of course, there will be no exceptions. And all this innovation is not about foot protection. It is possible to limit the return of elastic energy without sacrificing cushioning. And the training slippers can remain as thick as you like, this will be the rule of competition shoes.

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