Yannis out? What’s next for Milwaukee next season

After such an early departure from the playoffs, many NBA experts unanimously started talking about the prospects of Yannis Adetokumbo. Some say that the “greek freak” should think about changing the game registration, due to the inability of his current club to reach the NBA final. Others say that Giannis must stay, cope with this challenge, become stronger and re-storm the heights of basketball Olympus.

But what will the basketball player choose? The management of the Bucks selected the right teammates for him as best they could, the coaches taught him to shoot long-range Brook Lopez, Mike Budenholzer is an elite attacking specialist who managed to choose the optimal tactics for his main star and brought Milwaukee to the absolute champions of the regular season, and Giannis himself received the title of MVP (and may receive it again). The club does its best for its leader. But for the second year in a row, something is missing. Let’s try with you to predict possible developments in Wisconsin.

Giannis is being traded

For Wisconsin, the Greek is a symbol of both the city and the whole state. Milwaukee is not New York that can afford to rebuild itself for decades and still be profitable. It is important to enter the playoffs at least once every two seasons and imitate a fight there in order to keep the fans in good shape (sell tickets and ammunition) and prevent the team from moving to another state (and negotiations are underway about this). Adetokumbo’s personality allows fans to draw attention from all over the world to such a poor club like Milwaukee. His name attracts good basketball players and coaches to the team. His departure is capable of destroying all these many years of management experience and launching irreversible processes for the club itself.

The exchange of Yannis as one of the best basketball players of our time can give the club either a media personality (a circumstellar basketball player like DeRosan for Kawai), or promising youth and a number of tempting assets. But it is unlikely that there will be too much of this good, since “One-and-done” from the same Kawai last year is still fresh in the memory. The goal is to either keep the team at the postseason level, or quickly rebuild and return to the playoffs in a year. But who will be interested in Adetokumbo himself?

Yahoo Sports journalist Vincent Goodwill said that on the NBA campus it is no secret to anyone that the Hit and Raptors are fighting for Adetokumbo. They talk about the interest of Philadelphia and are silent about Boston, which still has interesting assets, and cannot in any way attach them to the exchange of a superstar (three picks of the first round of 2020 and promising youth).

Why Raptors? Nick Nurse, Masai Ujiri, a strong organization and a large fan base across Canada – good for Giannis. Most likely, Milwaukee will be able to get one of the Siakam / Lauri pair and the late first-round picks belonging to Toronto. And that’s a pretty tempting offer. Moreover, dinosaurs already have experience of the “One-and-done” season.

Why Miami? “Next season we will see Giannis in Miami uniform,” said basketball expert Jay Williams. In addition to these words, the organization is able to attract a basketball player with the presence of Pat Riley, a ready-made team, club traditions and internal culture. And most importantly, next season, almost all of this young gang will play on children’s contracts! Hirrow, Robinson, Adebayo, Nunn. The team has a transfer window (the closest one) when they are able to spend serious money. In a year, this window will be closed by the adult contracts of the above basketball players (except for Hirrow). So there is logic in Williams’ words. But in a direct exchange, Hirrow will probably have to go to Milwaukee (draft picks and Dragic on sin and trade). A good price for a Greek who will be able to win the NBA playoffs next year.

Why Philadelphia? This could be beneficial to Milwaukee. The exchange for Ben Simmons will not force Budenholzer to change the concept of building the attacking team (the same non-throwing ram). And the least impact on the quality of the players in the roster, in comparison with the proposals of other teams. But what a frail organization Philadelphia is!

Why Boston? Obviously, Danny Ainge will make any decisions only after the end of the playoffs, where his team is still involved. But for sure he is already testing the waters for an exchange and is preparing to give Hayward and three picks of the first round of 2020 for the Greek superstar. After failing with Anthony Davis, Ainge will be able to risk the “One-and-done” season, because if he gets involved in the race for Adetokumbo, then his reputation will be at stake. And the Bucks know it!

Judging by the fifth game of the Hit series, when the Bucks moved the ball well and the threat came from all five guys, not just one, with the available selection of players, Mike Budenholzer’s team does not need to blow up the squad after the likely exchange of their leader. They are a playoff level team. This means that at the very least, neither the management nor the fans should be afraid that Giannis might ask for a trade.

Giannis will leave as a free agent

“Jimmy Butler is the soul of the Hit. When you look at Giannis, you wonder where Milwaukee’s soul is. This team does not have the same spirit and desire, ”continues Jay Williams. Such words of an expert can lead Giannis to prove the opposite. Why not, the basketball player does not lose anything by fulfilling the contract to the end. They have been wiping their feet about the organization in the playoffs for the second year in a row. There is a reason to show the eggs, and what material they are made of. Steel? You can and stay with the team that raised him. Plastic? Yannis will leave knowing that Milwaukee has reached its peak and there is nothing else to do there.

“Someone sees a wall and goes in a different direction. I ply like a tractor through it. We need to improve as a team, individually, and come back next season, ”Adetokumbo said after the Bucks left the playoffs.“ We will continue to work. I am confident in my teammates. ”

And here are the words of Magic Johnson, who also supports the opinion that a Greek can safely stay in Wisconsin for at least a year: “My advice to Giannis is to sit face to face with Milwaukee owner Wes Edens, to define a strategy that will make the team better, and win the title for the Bucks.

And this is one of the best developments. The team is imprisoned for Adetokumbo, from the coach to the staff serving towels to basketball players during the match. Here he is a hero. And he is only 25. The basketball player is not even at his peak yet. So why not spend your One-and-Done season in optimal conditions – in Milwaukee? And there and in the Clippers, according to The Ringer, in 2021 it will be possible to apply.

Meanwhile, the club is already doing work on the mistakes. NBA insider Mark Stein revealed that the Bucks intend to trade in for Chris Paul, who has performed well at Oklahoma. So why not give your club another chance and prove that these defeats are just misunderstandings?

Giannis will stay and renew his contract with Bucks

“We will come back and hopefully build Milwaukee’s culture for years to come so we can fight for the championship every season,” Adetokumbo shared his thoughts with the press after his fifth game against Miami. Will the Grick Freak stay? All that is known now is that Milwaukee are not considering the option of exchanging Yannis. And his supermaximum contract could be around $ 220 million – $ 80 million more than any other club on the free agency market can offer in 2021.

Milwaukee owner Mark Lasri commented on what is happening around his main superstar: “I don’t think Giannis will leave Milwaukee. We did our best to make him feel comfortable. We can give him another $ 80 million. ”

Or maybe Adetokumbo needs to change his game in order to become productive in the playoffs? When opponents cover the paint and slow down the pace of the game. And it is important for Budenholzer to think about how to reduce the dependence of the team’s result on the current form of its leader. “We are a fully staffed team. Even without Giannis, we are still good, ”- Chris Middleton shared his opinion after the final defeat at Miami. Yes, and Bladsow and Lopez entered the NBA defensive teams following the results of the regular season. And Middleton in the playoffs looked simply enchanting, often overshadowing with his game and influence on the result of the team of Yannis himself.

Charles Barkley also calls for changes in his game for the Greek basketball player: “Michael Jordan said:” I will become better. ” Dirk Nowitzki said: “I will become better.” And in the end they became champions. Hopefully Giannis will sign the maximum contract and say, “I will win the championship with Milwaukee,” Barkley said.

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