Report on autumn trip to Dahab

“… Dear dad and mom, now you just don’t recognize me. I have a tail
crocheted, ears upright, nose cold and shaggy increased. Me now
you can even sleep in the snow in winter … ”

Letter from Prostokvashin

The trip to Dahab this year was complex – there were several courses at the same time, classes were held according to their own schedule, the teams went to sea according to their own plan. The eyes of eyewitnesses simply would not have followed all this. So we are reconstructing events in two dimensions – according to Mila Bodilovskaya and Lena Petrushina.

AIDA2 and AIDA3 in Dahab, November / December

Our traditional autumn trip to Dahab this year became an autumn-winter one. The fact is that Kostya Borisov, due to the specifics of his new job, was able to go only at the end of November, and we and other trips decided to adjust a little to his schedule – we really wanted to be in Dahab together, our favorite party.

The main thing that we were a little afraid of was, of course, the cold. Unusually cold water, already winter wind .. But it was a pleasant surprise that Sinai met us with excellent weather, +25 sea level, constant warm sun and the fact that the mango season was not over yet 🙂 Some people in our country generally dived in a suit 1, 5 mm and (almost) froze.

A total of 5 people came to the AIDA2 course and the first training week, plus some future instructor candidates diving with us on neighboring buoys. All students easily and one might say at ease dived all the days, passed all standards cleanly and flawlessly and became AIDA2 freedivers. However, none of them was going to stop there and the guys stayed on to continue the course for continuing AIDA3. Except for Maxim, who for some reason only came for a week, but (we had no doubt about it) changed tickets in order to stay for a few more days and eventually dived to as much as 28 meters!

The AIDA3 course was predictably not as playful as the basic one. But that is why he is an “advanced freediver”: you need to work harder, acquire more theoretical knowledge, learn to listen to yourself more attentively in order to deepen without unpleasant sensations and even more trauma.

The guys coped with this task, and almost all of them finished the course brilliantly. Someone a little bit did not have enough time for the body to get used to greater depth, but this is completely normal for the very first deep exit – you just need to give yourself time: the information will be assimilated, the body will get used to it, and the next exit will bear fruit.

Sasha Kiseleva’s departure plan was a good example. This is the second deep trip for her, and she planned it very competently: the first days she dived in the format of a training week, and then took the AIDA3 course. The result is 31.5 meters of CWT, complete relaxation, diving thrill and a satisfied person. Sasha is great, be like Sasha. Pay attention to this exit construction format, it really works!

Congratulations to all the participants of the trip – Anya, Lesha, Maxim, Sasha, Natasha, Sveta – it was interesting, cool, easy and very fun with you!

In the meantime, someone is studying to be an instructor

Simultaneously with all of the above, there was a movement of increasing intensity. First, Lucy came to complete the deep part of the AIDA4 course in order to stay on the instructor course. Soon the rest of the candidates for instructors arrived – Lena, Artem, Anya was already here and dived with Mila.

On November 25, the instructor course began, conducted by the still only Russian instructor-trainer of AIDA Kostya Borisov, and I had the honor to assist on the course. The work was very interesting and very difficult for all participants – both for trainers and for candidates for instructors, who had additional stressors in the form of exams and standards. I’m sure all of our graduate instructors will agree that they have gone through one of the most stressful periods in their lives in which they had to relax. And I hope they feel deeply satisfied, because they all performed brilliantly on the course!

It all started easy and fun – lectures overlooking the sea, conducting trial lessons for fellow students in the role of students, preparing equipment with your own hands. Everyone passed the exams in theory well. Soon it was time to pass the standards. The psychological atmosphere around the pool standards is simpler – you can retake them almost at any time at the place of residence. The deep ones need a deep body of water, so there is usually more stress on this. However, even here our candidates found a wise decision and worries diminished.

Only one Artem passed all the in-depth standards during the course. The rest decided to postpone them until more relaxed times. Someone planned to pass them within a year, and someone even decided to become an instructor in the pool – there is such an option.

So, everyone focused on learning to teach. It’s time – because the students of our combo course AIDA2 + AIDA3 have arrived, which will be taught by the candidates under our supervision with Kostya. Eight people are a very large group on a freediving course. We all met together the day before class to get to know each other, get used to the dive center and complete all the preparatory procedures.

A large group from different cities of Russia, a wide variety of experience among students – someone has already studied and dives in the pool, someone still stipulates: “freeride” instead of “freediving”. All of this came in handy – our candidates learned how to work with different students and had fun with interesting people.

The courses have been scheduled with the highest possible intensity, in accordance with the AIDA Standards. This means two workouts a day for three consecutive days with one day off before the next three. We don’t usually dive like that at the club. Not everyone had time to complete the program according to the standards, but this was not required. It is important that all students have made significant progress, improved their skills and got a nautical experience. We managed to dive fun, and see a turtle, and see enough of the beauty of Blue Hall.

Our courses have been completed successfully. Many have already decided to continue their studies at the next stage, everyone who will continue to dive. It’s fine! The company was very pleasant, everyone became friends, and our business always went at least merrily. We hope to stay in touch – with both students and candidates, or rather, now with the new AIDA instructors!

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