“CSKA didn’t give me any guarantees. But there was an opportunity to return”

Wagner Love never ceases to amaze. Russian fans were waiting for the next comeback of the striker at CSKA, and he moved to Kazakhstan. How it happened, one of the best legionnaires in the history of the RPL told in an exclusive interview with our portal.

“The fact that such great football players as Arshavin and Tymoshchuk played in Kairat confirms the club’s serious ambitions”

Your wife Lena emotionally reacted to the upcoming move to Alma-Ata on Instagram: “Kazakhstan. I never would have thought! God always surprises us.” Could you imagine such a turn in your career, say, six months ago?

Of course not. I didn’t even have such thoughts. My wife wrote correctly: God knows what he is doing. I agree with her. You always need to be ready for new challenges, and I am the person who likes to accept such challenges. I want to make the most of my chance in Kazakhstan and benefit my new club.

What attracted you to Kairat?

The structure of the club, goals – everything is at a high level here. “Kairat” strives to become the champion, to break into the group stage of the Europa League, and here our desires coincide. I really want to help the team achieve their goals.

Did your wife move to Kazakhstan with you?

Yes, of course. If he and her daughter had not gone with me, I probably would not have dared to make this transition.

Did you know that Arshavin and Tymoshchuk, well known to you from the Russian championship, played in Kairat not so long ago?

I have not heard before. I learned about this when the question of my moving to Kazakhstan was discussed. The fact that such cool football players as Arshavin and Tymoshchuk played in Kairat once again confirms the club’s serious ambitions.

Your new teammate Kirill Kolesnichenko was seen at CSKA last off-season. Gifted guy?

We trained too little together to get a full picture of his abilities. Some of the classes were generally held in different groups. It can be seen that Kolesnichenko has the potential to grow into a good, high-quality player. The rest depends on him.

Short contract term – only six months – is age related ?

Haha, this is a question for the president of the club. I don’t know.

“I would return to Russia only to one club – CSKA”

CSKA coach Goncharenko recently complimented you: “At 36, Wagner became slimmer and looks great.” Have you really lost weight?

True. Compared to the army times, I dropped it decently. At the age of 29, I started working with a personal trainer who develops additional exercises for me. In addition, lately I have become more careful about my health – to eat right, to recover efficiently, to get enough sleep. Thanks to this, I feel in great shape even 36 years old.

Wagner at the age of 20 and now are two different people?

On the field, this is the same footballer, full of desire to play, score goals, win titles. But as a person, of course, I have changed. Wagner, 20, enjoyed life more. The matured Wagner has a family in the first place.

How many times have clubs from Russia contacted you in 7 years after leaving Russia?

Once or twice. Perhaps, knowing about my connection with CSKA, other clubs did not even dare to start negotiations with me. There is only one team in Russia that I would agree to play for.

Was returning to CSKA this summer real?

Absolutely real.

What caused the transition to fail?

I’d better keep this information with me. I cannot reveal all the secrets.

Breaking the contract with Corinthians, did you receive any guarantees from CSKA?

This happened even before contacts with CSKA. I terminated my contract with Corianthians with one goal – to calmly explore and weigh all the options for continuing my career. As I said, difficult challenges are of great importance to me, and one of the most likely options was to return to CSKA. But no one gave me any guarantees.

“I have nothing to braid my braids anymore”

Are you watching the performances of the army now?

Not as intent as before. I look at photos and videos on Instagram.

In your opinion, Fedor Chalov is able to reach the level of Wagner Love?

It’s hard to judge this from the outside. I don’t know how Chalov trains, I haven’t seen him much in the game. I have too little information to draw such conclusions.

Are you in touch with the former Brazilian army?

Most often we communicate with Jo. We live nearby in Sao Paulo, constantly call each other, correspond.

How is he doing?

Everything is fine. Jo returned to Corinthians from Japan and is very pleased with it.

You haven’t communicated with CSKA president Giner for a long time?

A long time ago, from the moment I left Russia for China. In recent years, from CSKA, I kept in touch only with Maxim Golovlev, translator.

Did you have a special relationship with Giner? Did you feel like the president’s favorite?

In fact, it was. Giner treated me like a son. For my part, I tried to answer him good for good. We really had a very special, very warm relationship.

What are the three most memorable moments in CSKA.

The first is to win the UEFA Cup. The second is reaching the Champions League playoffs. I will put in third place the entire spring of 2013. I returned to CSKA in a difficult period, the team did not perform very well. But together we turned the tide and won three titles in six months.

Top 5 partners you have played with throughout your career?

Ronaldinho. Daniel Carvalho. Adriano is the one who is the Emperor, from Inter. Jo. Let Diego Sousa be the fifth. He has already finished his playing career and became a coach. But when I first turned pro, Diego was fine and helped me a lot.

Why did you cut your famous braids?

There is nothing more to braid them, haha! I have grown old, bald – so I have to cut my hair to zero.

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